To creat one complete industry chain of soft oil product storage & transportation system, we established Best Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. The company owns advanced high strength tube extrusion equipment and technology, also independent research & development building. It can design and detect flexible tubes with different specifications, also it can research & develop the strength the weaving layer to coordinate different strength requirements.

We also have advanced TPU high frequency welding equipment and advanced welding technology, which enables us make oil tank, oil bag etc storage equipments with different films. These high strength tube and soft bags mate perfectly, thus satisfy storage & transportation for various fluids such as oil and water.

In 2009, we began to research and develop preventing oil & gas volatilization special film and Non-volatile bags technology. Now we have the rich technology accumulations and the ability of volume production at any time. Furthermore, we researched the non-excavation repairing technology and applied for the invention patent and PCT to the other counties. On this basis, we researched the non-excavation soft double layer tank technology with SINOPEC in East China in 2015. This is one revolutionary invention technology, which involved all our research achievements of years. We already set the equipments of producing this special film. This technology will decrease huge energy consumption and greatly reduce environmental & ground water pollution for our country.